Artist Statement

My work explores disaster, tragedy, memory and vulnerability through different mediums, ranging from printmaking to performance, to edible art and printed objects. I question the way we look at tragedy as well as the way we deal with its aftermath.  In this series,  all physical contact is a collision with permanent visible repercussions.

Crashes, of all kinds, are trivialized by their frequent appearances across the spectrum of information mediums. We have become desensitized to this sort of event, to the point of seeing it in a childish manner. We chew things up and spit them back out with no attempt at recuperation and no thought of consequences.

The viewers become voyeurs through the simple act of looking and emulating the rubbernecking that is so common on the roads. My work is intended to be funny, but car crashes are not – this is a difficult reconciliation in the viewer’s mind. I rely on humour, not only for providing an access point to the viewers, but also for challenging their morality. I use bright, friendly colours because the content is traumatic. My work is not intended to be moralizing but rather to provide a locus for thought and discussion about this topic. I maintain an ambiguous stance and let the viewers decide for themselves what to think about the matter.